Donald Trump Campaign Denies American Muslim Journalist Press Pass to Redding, California Rally

Donald Trump again shows his disdain for independent journalists of him by denying the Inscriber’s Magazines own resident journalist Steven Pearce a press pass for the Trump campaign rally in Redding, California.

Steven Pearce has been very outspoken against the xenophobic and Islamophobic tone of the Trump campaign even challenging him to an open debate about Islam before it became fashionable to challenge Trump to a debate.  Pearce is a well-studied and travelled Muslim holding the distinction of being the only American to ever study at the Grand Mosque of Zaytuna in Tunisia, Tunisia.

Pearce had announced on hos Facebook page that he was applying for a press pass and his intention was to ask Donald Trump the simple question if Muslims can feel safe and secure during a Trump presidency after his rhetoric has led to escalated violence against the American Muslim community.

Donald Trump has a history of denying press passes to any independent news outlets that have been critical of him and nobody has been more critical of Trump than Steven Pearce. Pearce has been very critical of Trump’s rhetoric due to his proposals to make Muslims wear identification markers creating a climate not much different than what the Jews experienced I during the beginnings of Hitler’s rise to power in Nazi Germany.

Some of these news outlets that have been denied press passes are: Mother Earth Jones; BuzzFeed; The Daily Beast; National Review; Univision; The Huffington Post; The Des Moines Register; and now the Inscriber Magazine.

Trump often refers to these independent news sources as the disgusting press corps.  He wants to create laws making it permissible for him to sue people critical of him directly assaulting the First Amendment.  This is a person that has shown that his disdain towards the press is enough to disqualify him for the Presidency of the United States. This is a person who quotes from The National Enquirer and believes conspiracy theorists Alex Jones and his websites as credible news sources and gives credentials to other sites such as Breitbart passes even though it has been proven time and again that they are not honest and have no credibility as a news source.

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