Thank you Fox News for putting American Muslims lives at risk.

I am scared to live in the USA now.  People like Judge Jeanine Perro and Sean Hannity has used their influence to cause the deaths of innocent Muslims in the USA and abroad.  I am going to say what many people are thinking but are scared to say, that hate and fear-mongering news channels like Fox has caused the untold deaths of many innocent people worldwide as well as contributing to numerous conflicts around the world.  The irresponsibility of their reporting has caused hate and fear of Muslims around the world causing Muslims to feel as if Islam is under attack.  As a result of the appearance of Islam being under attack, many young, impressionable Muslims that are out of work, and are easy to sway, are then encouraged by groups such as the IS or Daa’ish to take up arms to protect their identity.

In the past, the main fear-mongering culprit was Ann Coulter.  She is a frequent guest commentator on Fox News.  This hate-monger said that she speaks for Christianity when she says that the USA should, “Convert all Muslims to Christianity beginning with their leaders, and if they do not convert, then kill them.”  When a statement like this is made on a news channel that is as known as Fox internationally, it is viewed that Fox is propagating a war by Christians against the Muslims and visions of a new Crusade transpires.  This is irresponsibility at its finest.

In the past week Sean Hannity had a guest speaker who stated that Americans should realize that the 14 years we have been in conflict with radical Islam is short and that Americans should be prepared for a 100 year conflict.  This type of talk makes Americans uneasy and makes them look at all Muslims as a target of rage in which to vent their frustrations on.

Judge Jeanine Pirro has recently gone on the attack against Muslims on a weekly basis, making psychotic rants about killing them all, we need to kill all of them.  This rant she says is against extremists, but then she goes on to say that we need to arm Muslims to kill ISIS.  Obviously if you arm one group against another in order to kill them all, it would be considered a genocide.  She is asking for the genocide of one group to be done by another group.  I understand more than most the danger of ISIS aka Daa’ish, and I agree that stronger military action should be taken, but it should not be by Arabs.  The USA has already armed Libyan and Syrian rebels and all of these arms ended up in the arms of ISIS.  Weapons should be given to Arab States but not to rebel groups.  However, if we really want to eliminate this group, then the USA should commit to boots on the ground.

However, this is not about ISIS or how to eliminate ISIS but instead this is about the fear-mongering that has been brought to American shores.  In just the last week 3 Muslim American Arab students from UNC Chapel Hill were murdered in cold-blood inside of their apartment complex by a known militant Atheist who is famous for his anti-religious rants against Muslims and Christians.  The American media has barely covered this story, but I guarantee you that if a Muslim had slaughtered 3 Atheists that the media would be in an uproar.

Another travesty of the last week was the burning down of a Muslim Mosque in Houston just last night.  The imam had stated that worshippers had seen someone acting suspicious in front of the mosque this week, but again there has been very little coverage.  It is a shame to me that people I know from overseas know about these situations before me because their media covers it but American media does not.

When I hear about these violent acts, it puts me in a state of fear.  When I read the comments by Americans on Fox News articles where they say to kill all Muslims and to start hunting us, it puts me in a state of fear.  Fox News is propagating terrorism against Muslims in the USA by making all Americans fearful of Muslims, causing hate towards us all. To me this is terrorism at its finest.  Fox News has directly said to kill all “radical Muslims” causing a climate where Muslims are now in danger because they have not identified who the “radicals” are and have also insinuated that all Muslims have the potential to be radicals so they have put all Muslims in danger in this country.

I am scared to live in the USA.  Things are getting much worse for American Muslims here.  People who claim to be strict-Constitutionalists like the Tea-Party Republicans only want the Constitution to apply to them and they do not want it for any other group, especially Muslims.  They say that Muslims use the Constitution to their advantage in order to apply Shariah law in the USA without even knowing what Shariah is.  These people call for the lock-up of all Muslims in the USA in concentration camps for what they say is their safety and our own.

I live in a state of fear in the USA.  This is due to the terrorism pushed by the Fox Agenda which is owned by Rupert Murdoch.  Rupert Murdoch recently partnered with Lord Jacob Rothschild investing in Genie Energy Corporation in order to get the rights to the shale oil in the Golan Heights.  In order to be able to get this oil, Israel needs to have Syria collapse so that they can regain control.  So Rupert Murdoch benefits from the growth of these terrorist groups like ISIS inside of Syria.  If ISIS can make Syria collapse, then Israel can take control of the land where the Shale oil is, so Rupert Murdoch wins.  He wants these radical groups to grow because he benefits financially from these groups.  It is also believed that by this happening, it will make Israel an oil powerhouse and will stop the world’s reliance on Arab oil sources.  By Fox News propagating hate towards Muslims and creating conflict, Rupert Murdoch stands to make billions of dollars.

I am a Muslim, I do not want to harm anyone.  I want for myself what I want for everyone else, and that is to live in a peaceful world where I can raise my daughter knowing that she is safe and secure.  When I see my little 1.5 year old girl, I worry about the world that she will grow up in.  People will judge her and hate her because of her Muslim identity.  She has no idea that people already hate her because she is half-Arab and more will hate her when she gets older and begins to wear her hijab.  We should not live in a world like this, especially in the USA where our Constitution guarantees our right to the freedom of religion, but our actions say otherwise.


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