An American Muslim’s open letter to Donald Trump: I challenge you to a debate about Islam

Mr. Trump, I hope that this letter reached you in the best of health and spirits.

Mr. Trump, earlier today, you gave a speech in South Carolina where you proclaimed multiple times that you are for everyone. That by running for the office of the President of the United States, that somehow, your xenophobic rhetoric is inclusive of everyone, when in fact you have been the most divisive and toxic candidate in American history.

From the beginning of your presidential run, you have played up to the insecure feelings of the uneducated portion of the white populace. In an age where they feel attacked by terms such as ‘white privilege’ where they cannot see that perhaps there is an advantage of being white, they believe that the world is against them. Many of them will speak about that if they defend themselves for being White that they are being racist.

They fail to see that injustice towards a minority group is an injustice for all. Their lack of education compounded with a negative attitude towards higher education has given you a bunch of intellectually bankrupt followers that you can manipulate through their emotions created from an irrational fear created by fear of losing their dominant position in the United States.

When you first came upon the scene, you exploited this by saying the Pres. Obama was Kenyan-born and a secret Muslim. You were spouting the conspiracies of Alex Jones and appealing to a fringe group of Americans that believe everything is a conspiracy against them.

After this subject was played out, you then went after Mexicans.

You began to portray them as criminals and rapists. This is so you can have a wall built by your company across the entire Southern border of the United States. This is a project in which you would stand to make billions on. I am sure you would increase in wealth from this project then what you are even worth now.

Once you saw that your divisiveness and xenophobic rhetoric would gain you more support. Once you saw that you could get away with saying things that others in your party could not get away with saying, but are all thinking, you went after Muslims.

Not only did you go after Muslims but you did it in a way that mirrored Adolf Hitler’s tactics against the Jews. He scapegoated the Jews as a catapult to gain power, and upon doing so to appease his followers he began a systematic system of labeling, rounding-up, and killing 6 million Jews.

By saying that all Muslims are potentially dangerous and putting is all in a collective group, you have just demonized the largest and fastest growing religion in the world. The shock value of your hate-filled rhetoric has negative consequences for the targets of your hate. Only yesterday, someone threw a pipe bomb in a mosque filled with worshippers. Witnesses said they could see the mushroom cloud from three miles away.

Mr. Trump, you are single-handedly the biggest recruiter for Daa’ish. By labeling all Muslims as potentially being dangerous and that you would consider bringing up FDR’s old laws allowing for the detainment of Muslims in internment camps like what happened to the Japanese.

By saying that all Muslims should register as, and carry identifiers labeling them as Muslims.

By saying that you would consider looking into closing down mosques, places of worships for the Muslims you are playing into Daa’ish’s message that the West is against Islam. Not only that, how can you expect for people to feel secure as Muslims living in America when they feel that upon your election that their fate is sealed? Are you crazy? You say you are for everyone?

Your tactics you learned from reading Mein Kampf. Your ex-wife, Ivanna, said that you kept a copy of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler next to your bed and that you idolized his methods. You are using them now to scare Americans into voting for you.

I challenge you to a debate about Islam. You are a great salesmen but not once have ever been able to articulate your plans for solving every single crisis that appears only in your deluded mind. You quote false data published my known Islamophobes to push your agenda. You say that all Muslims hate America but have you ever spoken in public with a Muslim.

You cannot hide your lack of knowledge from me, whether it is about the subject of Islam or what is happening in the MENA region. Upon researching my credentials you will see that I am worthy and well qualified, duly and truly prepared, to expose you for what you truly are:

A race-baiting, xenophobic bigot who wishes to be like Hitler.

I can now honestly say that I understand how it must have felt to have lived in Germany as a Jew during the rise of Hitler. It is due to the rhetoric of the GOP and you are their Pied Piper.


Steven W. Pearce



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