Trump’s Amerikkkan Nightmare: Racist White America has now declared open season on all minorities

While watching the election  and slowly coming to the realization that indeed Trump could win this thing, I began to feel a sense of dread.  This feeling of dread was the realization that everything people have worked for securing Civil Rights of ethnic and religious minorities was gone.  All of the work that all of these pioneers have put in to try and make America equal was lost.  It was a day where America lost over 60 years of race relations.  America will never recover.

Normally I would have written sooner about the election, but after an exhausting nearly two years of writing against, as well as being a social activist against Donald Trump, which has been draining to say the least, I was in too much shock.  I could not believe that America could vote for such a vile and racist monster whose demagoguery is rivaled only by Adolf Hitler.  His rise to power is a social studies nerd’s ultimate research topic.  Trump displays textbook narcissism but also displays textbook charismatic leader characteristics which makes him a danger. Some of these charismatic leader characteristics are:

1.) Charismatic leaders come at a time when it seems there is a crisis.  The White’s in America thought that America was in a crisis state by having a Black president already and that it would be followed by a woman president.  They know this is true.  I have heard them openly say this.

2.) Charismatic leaders present problems and then present solutions.  Trump has presented all non-Whites and all non-Christians, especially Muslims and Mexicans as problems and has proposed solutions such as building a wall and banning all Muslims from coming to America.  He has even suggested a requirement for Muslim Americans to register as Muslims, a very Hitlarian prospect.

3.) They always have a big project that they created to always be remembered.  Trump’s big project is his wall.

4.) They go after their political rivals.  Trump has threatened to have Hillary Clinton thrown in jail by a special prosecutor.  He has also been known to keep a little black book of his political rivals that he wants revenge on.

The Trump effect has already started in America.  In less than 24 hours after he was elected, a wave of hate crimes has risen nationally.  White Trump supporters are going after all the minorities and treating them like you would expect to be treated in some backwoods racist Southern part of America, but this is happening frequently everywhere.  Trump has brought out the inner-backwoods Deliverance racists from out of the woodwork.  His supporters feel liberated and believe that it is open season on minorities.

They have attacked Muslim women, threatened to rape and shoot them.  They have threatened to rape and throw Latina women over the wall.  They have run my Mexican friends off of the road in San Jose.  These people for years have spoken about a race war and now it seems that they are determined to have it.  The way these racist White Christians really feel about minorities is showing.  They believe that America is a White Christian nation, that they alone built the nation, and that they will not surrender it.  They have been under white privilege for so long that for minorities to ask for equal rights for them is oppression.  They believe that by giving equality to others that they will lose being in the top of the power chain.

Massive protests against Trump are now being seen across the country.  People are opposed to Trump’s racism and demagoguery.  In order for a president to have power, he must be seen as having legitimacy.  Trump has no legitimacy by at least 50% of the American population, if not more.  The fact that his supporters are openly attacking minorities without Trump saying anything decreases his legitimacy tenfold.  A president without legitimacy cannot stay in power.  Those that do try to stay in power end up causing civil wars.  This very well can be what will happen in Trump’s Amerikkka.

Is there a chance of reconciliation?  Well I understand that many people voted for Trump because of their distrust in Hillary.  People really do not like Hillary and do not trust her.  Also she stole the election from Bernie Sanders, as a result she lost votes that caused her to lose the election.  I can get that people would vote against her because they did not trust her.  There were other options however.  A vote for Trump is a vote that backs Trump’s hateful rhetoric for minorities or lack empathy for others.  Either is dangerous.

His supporters say to get over it, that they did not protest when Obama won, when in fact there were protests.  Obama did not run a campaign on blaming minorities for the problems of the country.  Obama ran on issues such as healthcare and what he planned to do to improve American Healthcare.  Trump ran on hatred of Mexicans and Muslims.  So, for us to just accept his win knowing that we will be targeted by his racist and unconstitutional plans is not going to happen.  We have worked too hard as a country to create civil and social justice for everyone that we cannot allow him to make us go backwards.  We must unite and create more organizations, organize, and work harder to defeat Trump and protect our civil rights.  As an American Muslim, I am frightened of Trump’s presidency, but I am excited about working with other communities to ensure our rights as Americans.


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