Trump’s Quest to Destroy America

Isn’t it ironic that the presidential candidate that has the slogan of Make America Great Again is in fact the most anti-American.  Not only is Donald Trump opposed to what really makes America, America, Trump is also adamant on destroying America.

Think about it, why would a man work for over a year to bring division within the different ethnic groups in the country?  Why would Trump say that he loves America but insults such a high percentage of Americans?  Why would he continue to insult our military, or troops, and our veterans, as well as the gold star families that had family members pay the ultimate price for our freedoms? Why is Trump calling on Russia to hack the DNC servers?

Why would Trump encourage Americans to pull all of their cash out of their 401k plans knowing that this would lead to a crash of the American economy, eventually having a domino effect on the global economy?

Who benefits from the proposed default of a decades long treaty with other European allies to form an alliance against the then Soviet Union and the Current Russia?  Who benefits from the disunity and chaos caused by getting different ethnic groups to blame and distrust each other?  Who benefits from all of the proposals that Trump has made?  Certainly it is not the American people.

The person who benefits is Vladimir Putin.

When watching Trump at work it becomes apparent that he has a nefarious plan to destroy America and then the global economy.  Upon further inspection, it become clear why this is the case.

Donald Trump has failed so miserably in his businesses that American banks will no longer fund his projects.  As a result, Trump has been blackballed from getting loans allowing for him to grow his businesses because the banks are afraid that he will default on the loans.

This has caused for Trump to turn to Russia and the demagogues that run the Russian banks.  Trump’s relations with the Russian mafia, and these families, as well as with Putin run deep despite the fact that Trump is lying about it.

It is becoming apparent that Trump has not only defaulted on American bank loans but on Russian loans as well.  However, since they are state controlled and Putin has his hand in them, he has not put Trump into a precarious position to use him as his puppet to bring down the West.  There is no doubt that Putin wants to see American fall and Trump is the man to make it happen.

Trump’s campaign has become a liability to the safety of the West and in turn can bring the world in to turmoil.  This is a man that acts like the mafia when he says that countries are not paying their part and that the USA will not offer our allies protection if they do not pay us.  This is a man that has insulted everyone one of our allies while speaking highly of our enemies.

This is a man that truly cannot be trusted and will stop at nothing until the USA has fallen and Russia has risen from its ashes.

God save America.


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