Politics: There can be no more doubt that Donald Trump is a Russian Trojan Horse

Previously I wrote an article asking if Donald Trump was a Russian spy. I put together a theory that Trump was working for the Russian government with the intent to destroy America.  It appears as if this is indeed the case.  Since the publication of this article, four associates of Donald Trump have been proven to be working with the Russian government and were forced to resign from their positions.  These people being Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and Roger Stone.

Not only were these three people forced to resign, but it seems that they have been thrown under the bus by the Trump regime.  Paul Manafort was the first to go soon after the Republican National Convention meeting even though he had served as Trump’s campaign chair for five months.  It has since been confirmed that he was accepting Russian front money to the tune of $10 Million USD a year to work as a consultant to push for Putin’s agenda in the Ukraine and Crimea. He was let go due to the public’s increasing knowledge and concern with his Russian connections that were just getting known.  Some of this knowledge came from a still not determined Russian Dossier given to the New York Times and the American Intelligence Community by a MI6 agent.

Roger Stone, who is lesser known, worked as an advisor to the Trump campaign.  Stone has openly admitted to collaborating with Guccifer 2.0, Russia’s front-name for their cyber-operations against America.  He did this in order to get Guccifer 2.0 to give negative publicity about Hillary Clinton to Wikileaks.  Another organization that is widely believed by the American intelligence community to be a Russian intelligence front organization.

Carter Page had repeatedly denied any Russian connections even though he worked as an investment banker in Moscow.  After months of denial he was forced to admit that he met with Russian officials in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention to Chris Hayes on MSNBC after Hayes pushed Page to admit if he met with Russian Ambassador Sergie Kislyak in Cleveland.  It was at this convention that Trump changed the Republican platform to be softer on Russia and their stance on Crimea.  Trump denied that he had anything to do with this but Page and other people present said that it was Trump’s idea.

Gen. Michael Flynn, the former head of the DIA was accepting payments from both Russia and Turkey while he served as the head of National Intelligence for Trump.  He was fired 2-3 weeks after it was known that he had been intercepted in communications with Russians on the same day that Pres. Obama put sanctions on Russia.  Flynn let it be made known to the Russians that Trump would ease sanctions on Russia.

Flynn was also getting money from Turkey while he sat on the intelligence chair.  During the Summer of 2016, he had meetings with their foreign minister in which he discussed a covert extradition of Fethullah Gullen, a Muslim cleric living in the USA. Pres. Erdogan of Turkey believes that Gullen was behind the failed 2016 coup attempt.  Former CIA Director James Woolsey was in this meeting and left the Trump administration due to this meeting.  He confirmed that this meeting took place to the Wall Street Journal.

On January 18, 2017 Gen. Flynn met with the Turkish Foreign Minister at Trump Tower with Rep. Nunes who was at that time a member of the Trump transition team.  It is still unknown what was discussed but this is important to bring up due to Rep. Nunes recent obstruction of an FBI investigation that Dir. Comey himself said was taking place at a public address to Congress on March 20, 2017.  Two days later Nunes, who is the current Chairman for the House Intelligence Community, went straight to Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan told him to do so.  This is not following protocol and is very suspicious to warn the subject of a current investigation of new compromising evidence.  This puts suspicion on Nunes.

Since this happened, evidence has recently come out of Nunes having business ties to Russia.  He has a winery in Russia.

The Republicans appear that they are also in the Russian pockets.  It was just revealed in the Rachel Maddow show that the Republicans were paying a consulting firm with Russian intelligence ties to get dirt on Hillary Clinton and to spread fake news article about her in order to sabotage her campaign.

Many theories have been pushed about why this is happening.  One of the theories is that the new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was chosen because not only is he the former CEO of Exxon, but had a deal in place with Putin for a $500 Billion-dollar oil deal before Obama’s sanctions with Putin.  It is believed that he is there to weaken the Department of State, which he said he will cut the funding by a third.  At the same time, it is believed that sanctions will be lifted against Russia restoring this deal.  The  Russian Dossier says that a deal was struck giving Tillerson and Trump both ownership in Putin’s oil company if the sanctions are lifted and the oil is allowed to be pumped.

If it is true that Trump is working for Putin, then we would see programs put into place that would harm the American society both culturally and economically.  Let’s take a look at this.  We are seeing drastic cuts to the State Department.  The State Department is behind implanting these restrictions against Russia.  The State Department enacts treaties, makes relations with allies, sanction adversaries.  They are our branch of foreign policy.  By weakening the State Department it will strengthen Russia’s global standing.

Also, the entire intelligence community has been under attack by the Trump administration.  Not only that but there has been unprecedented leaks to Wikileaks giving the public knowledge of the CIA’s ability to use electronics to eavesdrop on potential targets.  This weakens our intelligence ability, which in turn strengthens Russia. Not only that but it creates a distrust of our intelligence agencies.  I believe that Trump was involved with this intelligence leak.  Trump has shown to be vindictive over his entire life span and would try to harm an agency that he knows was spying on his handlers. This in turn would expose Trump’s complacency while working with Russia.  With more knowledge being released daily about Trump associates meeting with known Russian Intelligence agents, this is not out of the question.

Another way to harm our country is to destroy our educational institutions.  Trump has picked just the person to do this, Betsy DeVos.  She is a billionaire that has given hundreds of millions of dollars to Republican campaigns.  She is a Right-Wing Christian ideological extremist that has openly spoken about her hatred of the American public education system and wants to incorporate a voucher system for students to go to religious schools.  She has no knowledge or experience in public education and has shown her disdain for science by refuting evolution and pushing that the Earth is six-thousand years old.

The new head of the EPA is Scott Pruitt, an avowed climate change denier.  He is working to dismantle the EPA as we speak.

This is not to mention the loss of worker protections, environmental protections, the crusade to destroy Obamacare, and many other social programs that would harm Americans.  All of these measures harm the United States while at the same time bolsters Russia.  Think about it, anything that can cause us to lose our social identity and to harm our population cannot possible benefit anyone but our enemies.

This is not just some theory either.  Steve O’Bannon, who has been Trump’s right hand man, only three years ago said that he wanted to deconstruct American institutions.  He is a known White Supremacist, who as the former editor of Breitbart pushed Right-Wing conspiracies demonizing Blacks, women, Muslims, Mexicans and other minority groups that are not White Christian males.  Since being given his powerful position in the White House, it is believed that he is the architect of the Muslim Travel bans and the proposed budget that will drastically cut many social programs that poor Americans needs for their survival.  O’Bannon does not care though because in his mind this harms Blacks and other minorities ignoring the fact that the poorest American counties are White rural and Republican.

It is clear to anyone paying attention that Trump is working to destroy America.  He has targeted all of the institutions mean to protect Americans weakening our country.  He has even targeted programs such as WIC, Meals on Wheels, and our Health Care system.  How is this making America Great?  He has refused to shake hands with our closest allies on live international television embarrassing Americans collectively.  He mocks our closest allies while refusing to speak out against Russia even though Russia has shown increased aggression towards the United States.

So, what can we do?  We should continue to resist Trump at every turn.  We should all organize and continue to protest.  We should vote out Republicans during the Midterms and replace them with Democrats.  Most importantly, we need to remain patient and vigilante.  It is only a matter of time before the FBI arrests these traitors and impeachment proceedings can begin.  We must get these traitors out of office.


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