Nuclear Energy is not the Answer for Iran

As an American Muslim I have been asked routinely my view about Iran’s nuclear energy policy, and for years I have had the same response.  I believe that Iran’s leadership is not looking out for the best interest of the people, and that their true goal is not for just having nuclear plants, but instead want to have Nuclear weapons.

In an age where sustainability and environmental awareness is growing.  Where new technologies have been created using alternative and renewable energy sources.  Where we have felt the negative effects of nuclear power generator meltdowns, causing radiation poisoning which lasts for decades. We must ask ourselves, “Why does Iran insist on nuclear power?”

It has been proven that nuclear toxic waste cannot be disposed of properly.  There is no known methodology proven over the long run, to store or to get rid of nuclear waste?  The potential for a nuclear breakdown is enormous.  Also, in spite of this danger, and the sanctions which has caused harm to the entire Iranian population, why do they still insists upon this?

Iranian leadership could have clinched the horns, and become a model nation within the Gulf as a country that is dedicated to sustainable living and green energy.  Not only is their bio-fuel refineries available, there is also wind mills and solar power available.  There are new wind mills designed in a way that no longer threaten birds.  There is also a new battery created by Tesla that stores solar energy.  The technology is now available to give power to regions with green power sources that will never have the risk of a nuclear power generator meltdown.

As a Muslim, it is from my understanding that nuclear power would not be permissible to use due to the environmental threat that it poses.  There are certainly Hadiths which speak about water conservation as well as protecting the environment.  That is why it is not permissible to poison water sources during wartime.  We must protect the environment.

Ayatollah Khomeini knows this as well.  Even though he is a Shia and I am a Sunni, we are in agreeance upon this matter.  That is why he said that it is haram or unlawful to possess nuclear weapons.  However, the Shia have a practice called taqqiya which allows them to lie about their intentions, and the rhetoric which has been said during the negotiations does not bid well for their sincere intentions, such as statements like ‘Death to America’ and referring the USA as the Great Shaytaan.

The deal also puts the USA in a precarious position.  Since Russia, China, Great Britain, France, and Germany were involved in the negotiations if we pull out now, it can be disastrous.  The USA would absolutely lose face and credibility in the eyes of the world in order to be trusted to lead such negotiations.  That terms were agreed upon, and then the USA just turns its back upon the deal.

Israel is angry because they believe that this will allow for Iran to create a nuclear weapon within 2-3 months, but this is the type of rhetoric that Netanyahu has been saying for decades.  However, they can use this as a time to say they are nervous for their well-being and make a strike against Iran.

America’s Sunni Allies in the region are nervous as well, and will no longer feel as if the USA can be trusted to leave.  Saudi Arabia said that if this deal is passed then they will also look for the bomb.  The Sunnis and the Shia have a long history of mistrust and animosity towards each other; no amount of talking will every pacify this.  The Sunnis believe that al-Massih ad-Dajjal comes from Isfihan, Iran.  This is the anti-Christ as spoken about in Revelations.

There are different Shia sects.  The main ones being the Jafari or twelvers.  They believe that the 12th Imam, who is a direct descendent of Muhammad, went into hiding, and when the time is right he will emerge.  When he does so he will attack the Arabs first, then the Sunnis, then the Christians, subjugating all of mankind under Shia rule.  If the person converts to a Shia he will still be deemed as a second-class citizen.  If they do not convert they will be killed.  This is in their books, and if you ask them about it they will deny it.

Do I think Iran can be trusted?  No, absolutely not.  Now we must save face within the international community.  The USA just opened up a can of worms that they will never understand.  Shia around the world, even from other countries then Iran, all pledge their allegiance to Ayatollah Khomeini.  Hezbollah members are waiting for the order from the Ayatollah to start fighting.  Really this is not a good deal.  I do not think that Israel should invade Iran either because that will create more chaos.  This might result in a major war with worldwide implications

If Iran was serious about having a peaceful program then they should have gone green. .There is no reason for using nuclear power in 2017.


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