Salaam alaykum and welcome to my page.  My name is Steven Pearce and I have been a Muslim for 19 years.  I am an American Muslim.  I have decided to start this page in order to feature my articles that I have written for the Inscriber Magazine.

I began writing articles due to the need of fighting the negative stereotypes of Islam and Muslims that have been perpetuated by Islamophobes, the media, as well as the Khawarij terrorists killing in the name of Islam.  The time that we live in is unique and so we as Muslims must show that Islam has the ability to adapt to any culture.  We can still stay on the Sunnah but we all living in these contemporary times.

With Islamophobia rising there has been an increase of hate crimes against Muslims in the West.  We are constantly under suspicion of being terrorist sympathizers.  With the rise of Donald Trump, more people are becoming more vocal as well as violent towards Muslims. It is important to speak out against this Islamophobia.

I hope that you enjoy my page and gain some benefit insha’Allaah,

Jazakhullaah Khair,

Steven Pearce aka Abu Nour

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